Required computer science/ software engineering background

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Programming Fundamentals


Arrays, loops, functions, reading/writing data, objects, vectors, lists, variables, expressions, factors

Udacity’s Intro to Computer Science and Programming Foundations with Python are great resources to both learn programming and python. You can view and learn the course material for free or you can take the course and get extra help.

Data structures

Specifically focus on understanding graphs, trees (binary trees), hash functions, algorithm complexity & big O notation

TODO: find good resource


Searching and manupilating graphs and trees, sorting Algorithms, and searching algorithms.

TODO: find good free resource

Numerical methods

Understand how rounding errors affect calculations.

Next Steps

Once you think you have the required programming background, go can go back to the required background and complete the rest of the modules.

Required Computer Science/ Software Engineering Background - February 19, 2015 - Andrew Andrade